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One Sweet Day

One of the things on my wish list is to see as many places as possible in India. The rich beauty of our monuments always takes my breath away. This Sunday, 50 of us from our apartment condo hired a luxury coach and went on a picnic. See the open flap at the back? That’s where we carried our food and snacks. Here’s a pic of our bus: We started at 5.45 am. Our itinerary was to visit three places,…

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Book Review

The Krishna Key – Giveaway Contest

I just came to know from Ashwin Sreekumar Nair who heads marketing for that the site  is currently running a competition for the promotion of Ashwin Sanghi’s latest book The Krishna Key. About the book: (I am quoting…

Life of Buddha in pictures #story #buddha

The Life of Buddha – Story In Pictures

I love my country. I enjoy travel. I dream of visiting all the places I read about. There’s something about seeing new places and people that opens up a new perspective in our minds. The differences, the sameness, the…


Whichever Way I See It

She’s a Winner, is Unknown Mami. Yes. She’s the winner of the book Giveaway And gets a copy of Puppalicious and Beyond by Pamela Fagan Hutchins Unknown Mami blogs at Unknown MamiShe’s the amazing host of the Sundays In…